Sucka Free CJ – Ars Gratia Artis (Mixtape)

February 21, 2011

This is one of my new favorite mixtapes. Saw it on decentlydope and have been digging it ever since. Sucka Free CJ really delivers my favorite kind of hip hop. Now I usually don’t post mixtapes, just my favorite track or two from it, but this is a really stellar mixtape and worth a full listen through. Hoping to see more from this guy in the future. Download it here.

First off I’m posting a track that appeals to my taste in heavily sampled chipmunk voices.

Faith (Prod. by Sodhivine) – Sucka Free CJ

Next up while it too has a little chipmunk interplay at the beginning doesn’t really make it part of the song. What makes this track slick is its minimalistic guitar riff and light drumming. Not to mention its “September” references. A very chill summer anthem here.

Boogy Down Kids – Sucka Free CJ

I’m stopping myself from posting more of these songs individually, but here’s one last track that I’m really digging. This does have some more sped up vocals on the chorus but it’s more of an R&B feel than the techno feel in “Faith”. Download the mixtape and check them all out!

Jetpack Shit (Remix Ft Olu) – Sucka Free CJ


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