New White Panda… Website

February 20, 2011

It ain’t quite new mashups, but they’re dangling new content in front of us to make up for the wait. Here’s a comparison for you. Old site, new site. See anything familiar?

I would be really impressed if you spotted familiar “brushstrokes” in some of the new art in this design. In fact if you did you should probably become one of those people whose job it is to spot forgeries. Anyways, my man Matt Glickson did the banner announcing the new album you can see prominently on their site AND the artwork for their new album, entitled “Pandamonium.” The release date is March 1st and I’ve been sitting on my hands for a while now not to blog this earlier. But the announcement is official now so I’m allowed to be publicly excited about it. Do you remember Matt? He did the artwork for this website? Does that make my website a hipster? “Matt Glickson did the artistic design for PaperMash Music weeks before the White Panda got him to do a site banner for them…” Yeah. Sounds like a hipster. Better not say that then. Instead I’ll post some old White Panda stuff and tell people Matt Glickson is awesome and everyone will be happy.

Flashtomania (White Panda Mashup) – Calvin Harris vs Phoenix / Or from Mediafire

Of course, when they release the Pandamonium album, it will probably be a little more ADD, in a dance set type of mind. Then we’ll get the full tracks one at a time every week. They know how to keep the content coming. Here’s the previous track in its original (Rematch) format.

I Wish I Broke Your Heart – the White Panda / Or from Mediafire

PS I’ve also been hearing rumors that the White Panda might be putting out an original album or EP in the next year or so. I would totally pay for that!


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