Flux Monsters – Kap Slap

February 17, 2011

(Relatively) New Kap Slap.
The first time I heard this song, I was kinda dubious. There are a lot of tracks thrown in this song, and I was unsure that the way they are thrown in is the best way to deal with the song. It just seemed too… cluttered. Chaotic. After listening to it a few times though, I started to like it. Not quite as well unified as Better Than A Stereo Dream, but it still takes some interesting new takes on some good (and some bad) songs. As usual, though, I wish Kap Slap had chosen someone other than Lil Wayne to sample. Especially Rebirth-era Lil Wayne… Still, I like the track in general, so give it a chance.

Flux Monsters – Kap Slap / Or from Mediafire

Update: Pretty much right after posting this, I saw that there is another version of this song – one without Lil Wayne’s whining. I like this one much better. Check it out here.


One comment

  1. I dig it. Of course I’m a sucker for that Skrillex and Flux Pavilion…

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