Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. IV

February 11, 2011

Alright. HAPPY FRIDAY! #Egypt #TGIF #Mashups #etc

I’m starting today’s mashups off with a high energy, pumped up, hyper, and awesome track by the talented Kleptones. Prodigy is always high energy, but when Prdigy meets the Beastie Boys we have a new kind of energy in the mix. I would say that Prodigy’s song is preserved the most, with the Beastie Boys as a tasty condiment to add to it, what do you think? A pump up track for sure.

Voodoo Sabotage – Prodigy vs Beastie Boys / Or from Mediafire

Continuing with some energy and adding some humor. Go! English Pete has got some mad skills to bring some Rage to Electric Six’s “Gay Bar”. And by Rage, of course I mean Rage Against the Machine. These guitar parts actual mesh pretty well. If you’re friends with people that love the Electric Six track like I am, then this track will make them very happy. And if you’re digging the new season of Skins, then you’ll think to Rich’s episode. Happy listening! (Spotted on MashupTown ages ago)

Killing in a Gay Bar – Rage Against the Machine vs Electric Six / Or from Mediafire

Next up is pretty current Waka, Wale remix. And yes, more Ellie! How sampleable is this lady? If you are looking for answer, it’s “very”. Makes for a good beat. I think I saw it on Pigeons and Planes first. Random fact: Potomac Boys Club include Brenton Duvall, one of my favorite producers. Enjoy.

Lights! (Potomac Boys Club Remix) – Ellie Goulding vs Waka Flocka and Wale / Or from Mediafire

Gaga came out with a new song today. I liked the lyrics but I’m gonna wait for a remix in the genre of danceable to come out before I wax poetic. Anyways in honor of all that jazz, here’s a “Telephone” mashup. What track do the DJs From Mars think would mix well with Gaga? “Enter Sandman” by Metallica. Wasn’t that your first thought too? No? Well. It’s interesting. I’ve gotten mixed feedback from this one. Some people really don’t like it. I however think it’s quite good. Your call. (Spotted on MashupTown)

Enter Telephone – Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce vs. Metallica / Or from Mediafire

Now Lady Gaga makes me think of Glee, and Glee makes me think of “Teenage Dream”, the best track to come out of that show hands down. Now I hate to confess it, but Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream is actually a guilty pleasure of mine. But if I listen to it in a mashup there’s no guilt right? Right? Anyways Kylie Minogue doesn’t exactly remove the girly pop stigma, but man do I like this song.

Get Outta My Teenage Dream (MD Official’s Mash Up) – Katy Perry vs Kylie Minogue / Or from Mediafire

Following Katy Perry, here’s a track using her (in)famous “California Gurls” purely as a beat for an amalgam of rap and some dun sped up sampling. Like it or not, Mochi Beats can recognize a hot beat when they hear one. Here’s what’s in it so I don’t have to clutter the title of the track: Katy Perry vs Cyndi Lauper vs Huey vs Laidback Luke vs Colby O’Donis.

California Nightlife (Mashup) – Mochi Beats / Or from Mediafire

Since I’ve been throwing a bunch of popular songs on here, I think I’ll end with one of the songs of the summer. Usher’s “OMG” got really fricking annoying by the end of the summer (someday I’ll tell you about the parade in which three different floats passed playing that track in the space of ten minutes…) but I think the Hood Internet‘s version makes me happy every time. Adding Sleigh Bells to anything should make it hard-hitting (that’s a rule, though I’ve seen exceptions) and in this case it completely rejuvenates the beat of the song. While this may offend some purists, it really encourages a party (happy Friday!).

Oh My Kids – Usher vs Sleigh Bells / Or from Mediafire


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