Suddenly Mashups. 3verywhere

February 4, 2011

Well I had hoped to get this posted Friday and thus start a weekly schedule for these mashup posts. But that seems
unlikely as I’m starting this with forty minutes until Saturday. I blame too little sleep, too much to see and do, and general forgetfulness. So I will speed through this one. The tracks are still awesome, but my writing will not be very in depth.

I’m starting off with some reggae influences. Lenlow meshes these easily and it’s nice to hear some old Black Eyed Peas. Chill out with this track.

In My Lie – Lenlow / Or from Mediafire

Continuing the chill vibes, we have a track that brings an acoustic flair to Amerie and an electronic edge to Vertical Horizon. Enjoy Titus Jones.

1 Thing You Want – Vertical Horizon vs. Amerie feat. Ludacris / Or from Mediafire

Guess I’m on a bit of a nostalgic bend, throwing some Genie in a Bottle at ya. The Ludacris track is sad and more recent. good track though and good mix. DJ Matt Hite combines them nicely.

Bottled Love – DJ Matt Hite / Or from Mediafire

Next up is a mashup I really admire. This track made me enjoy Soulja Boy. What? Right. The artist got rid of that tired steel drum backbeat and replaced it with some Ciara strings and some 30 Seconds to Mars synths. Way more enjoyable. Check it out.

Attack Like a (Soulja) Boy – Soulja Boy ft. Casey Gonzales, Ciara and 30 Seconds to Mars / Or from Mediafire

This returns to the chill vibe of before, throwing some Yoshimi down, but keeps the rap element with some good ol’ Snoop Dogg.

Yoshimi Battles Snoop – Flaming Lips vs. Snoop Dogg / Or from Mediafire

Following that what can I post but this. The White Panda throws down a relaxed track using OMC and R Kelly. So good.

Bizarre Flirt (OMC vs R Kelly vs Fujiya & Miyagi) – the White Panda / Or from Mediafire

To finish up real quick, I’m throwing an old favorite of mine on here. Party Ben makes Gorillaz and Cake work together seamlessly on this track. Enjoy! And I’ll try to be more in depth next week.

Never Feel Good – Gorillaz vs. Cake / Or from Mediafire



  1. Gorillaz and Cake… Never woulda called that.

    • haha, yeah. Good tho

  2. That first track interesting because mash-ups usually blend together genres to make an unusual genre mix. This does basically the exact opposite, taking a genre-blending sort of track and isolating one influence.
    Still, I do prefer the end result to the original, so it still fits nicely with my theory of mash-ups existing to “save” songs.

    • . . . although for “saving” a song, nothing could beat making Soulja Boy enjoyable. Sadly I’m not sure even this valiant attempt could pull that off.
      The Vertical Horizon v. Amerie track could be a textbook example of what mashups accomplish, because it makes it pretty clear and simple: one track gains backbone, the other, musicality. Good times.
      “Bottled Love” doesn’t just create a new musical whole from two tracks but also does something amazing lyrically. The new context makes the “Genie in a Bottle” lyrics go from 100% shallow to pretty profound.

      • All I have left to say is that “Bizarre Flirt” is fantastic and makes me happy.
        “Never Feel Good” is fun in a chaotic way, but I don’t see Gorillaz and Cake as that surprising a combination? They’re actually almost too similar for me to be that impressed.

      • Have you heard Super Mash Bros’ ‘D.G.A.F.L.Y.F.’? It’s Soulja Boy + Sandstorm… absolutely awesome. That was the first time I ever actually enjoyed Soulja Boy XD

      • All right, I just listened to that. I still can’t see how Soulja Boy can be redeemed . . . like however good the music playing underneath him is, I still find myself thinking, “Wouldn’t this be better without Soulja Boy on top of it?”

      • haha, I understand

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