Lights (Bassnectar Remix) – Ellie Goulding

February 3, 2011

Yes. I love Ellie Goulding. Something about her makes her unbelievably remixable, from Chiddy Bang to Dubstep her music just accepts instruction from any DJ, and today’s DJ is Bassnectar. Bassnectar is arguably the guy that started playing with bass to the first recognizably dubstep track back around 2000. But this track is not particularly grimy, instead staying true to the clean tone of her voice. There is some heavy bass and some good heavy beats but it’s not the kind of overpoweringly prominent “wobbs” that I normally post. This a quality remix. Credit to DailyBeatz on this one. Listen.

Lights (Bassnectar Remix) – Ellie Goulding / Or from Mediafire



  1. Gotta love Ellie Goulding. Soon as I get a spare few minutes I’m going to post some more of her…

    • awesome.

  2. are the writing and image supposed to be related to the same thing? because if they are, that picture is not ellie goulding, i cant think of her name for the life of me atm

  3. i know who it is now, that picture is Daisy Dares You 🙂 shes good

    • Right you are! And that’s why I no longer get artist photos from Google Image Search. Facebook profiles tend to be more reliable. Updated photo and a promise to listen to Daisy!

      And thank you for catching that!

  4. go on youtube, daisy dares you – number one enemy 🙂

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