Fly By Night (Designer Drugs Remix) – Cerebral Vortex

February 3, 2011

Another track I got from Midas at Pigeons and Planes. Chi-town! Ha. He has this cool series where he posts a bunch of Dance Music. I wasn’t impressed with the first time he did this but it just keeps getting better. And I am digging this Designer Drugs remix that he posted in this most recent dance post. Like him, I’m not entirely sure who Cerebral Cortex is. I found two bands by that name, a metal band and an alternative improv band, neither of which seem to be the composers of this track. Anyone know who they are? Anyways this is definitely a good electro dance track. Enjoyable, just the kind of synths I like. Check it out.

Fly By Night (Designer Drugs Remix) – Cerebral Cortex / Or from Mediafire

UPDATE: Well a typo can certainly make it hard to find a band. I said Cerebral Cortex, missing the pun and the real name of the band… Cerebral Vortex. Hem hem… Well that’s embarrassing. Do tell if you see anything I’ve misspelled, or just missed ok? Cool.



  1. why do people play kesha at parties when there’s stuff like this that they can be playing?

    • the fun factor? i’m not sure. i think it has to do with being able to sing along loudly. i tend to throw things like this in more than pop songs (although i put those in too, generally remixed or mashed up). heh. my last party ended up being mostly electro/dubstep. it was fun

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