Closing Time – The Five One

February 1, 2011

Well I’m back at school, as the snow begins falling all over. I had an awesome homecoming, with an awesome welcome home rave in my dorm room. And now I’m achy from whipping my hair and jumping up and down. Ha. I didn’t have Internet yesterday so I couldn’t post, but it’s magically working today so here we go. This track showed up in a couple places in my blog crawl today, but I saw it at Decently Dope first. The Five One bring us a song with too many genres in one, just the way I like it. “Closing Time” samples that good ol’ Semisonic classic by the same name. In fact I was jamming to that the other day. Still good. So when I said “samples” you probably thought, ok it’s a rap song. And you’d be right. Except they make the sample such a big part of the song that the rock and pop vibes kind of take over. When the sample (really the chorus) isn’t playing, a reggae riff keeps the rap company. Anyways I think it’s a very satisfying whole. Check it out.

Closing Time – The Five One / Or from Mediafire


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