Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. Again.

January 28, 2011

So I did this a little over a week ago, threw up a bunch of my favorite old mashups. But I have more than what I posted last time. So I’m doing a part two. Think I should do a part three? Hit me up in the comments.

First up, a smooth track from Dan Mei & Marc Johnce. I think these fit absurdly well but my mate Greg points out a flaw on the chorus that makes for an odd chord. I don’t care. This track really fits the name. Listen to Smooth Romance.

Smooth Romance – Santana ft. Rob Thomas Vs. Lady Gaga Vs. Van Halen / Or from Mediafire

Next we have some Royksopp and Lil Wayne. I love this electronic track so throwing some Weezy on it can’t help but make a decent track. And the Hood Internet go above and beyond the call of duty here. This track starts with almost no intro but the beat builds subtly to the chorus and comes together nicely. Simply quality.

Comfortable Up Here – Lil Wayne vs Royksopp / Or from Mediafire

Now this next track I’m putting up is definitely a dance track. It’s one of my favorite Loo & Placido mashups. And it is old. I think I cut this file out of one of their sets years ago. Anyways how can you go wrong with “Black Betty” and “Everybody Dance Now”? This track starts out hectic and high paced and does not slow down until it ends. Take a listen. (Comes with bonus hidden track….)

Every Betty Dance – Ram Jam + Bob Sinclar vs Cuttee B vs Dollar Man vs Big Ali / Or from Mediafire

Next up a Mashup Germany favorite. It’s not terribly old, especially compared to the last track. But it is smooth. Reggae mashups should be made more often, gotta say. This track has a ton of different songs Stilller is sampling from but it completely works. Take a load off and chillax to this.

Relationships (Reggae Allstars) – Mashup Germany / Or from Mediafire

Here’s a classic mashup. Jay-Z and the Verve. Need I say any more?

Brush Your Bitter Sweet Shoulders Off (edited) – the Verve vs Jay-Z / Or from Mediafire

This one’s another ancient Loo & Placido track. This one feels way more organic as a song than most mashups I hear. Despite the different singers and styles, the song builds and fits together in a classic indie pop song format. Like I said in a previous post on DJ Earworm, this seems almost to be an original song. Some people have complained about the placement of the Daft Punk, but I think it flows easily. You decide.

DJ Love Affair – Curtis Mayfield vs The Notwist vs Daft Punk vs Indeep + Various Samples / Or from Mediafire

And to finish out this post I’ll post a track that fascinates me as much as it surprised me. Party Ben took Justin Timberlake’s annoying track “My Love” and turned it into an ethereal electronica track by removing the vocals and combining it with Radiohead’s “Reckoner” (yes it’s a popular track to mash). Listen. It’s crazy.

My Reckoner – Radiohead vs. Justin Timberlake / Or from Mediafire

So. What do you think? Should I have a part three? A series? I do have more…



  1. Definitely keep these coming every week or so. These are probably my favorite posts just because of the quality of material involved.

    • Alrighty. A weekly series. Awesome. I’ll try and put one out a week, and we’ll see how far I can get with the stockpiles of mashups I have

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