January 26, 2011

So as I was adding 8-Bit as a genre to the “Navigate Genres” menu, I thought, I should check on the 8 Bit Collective. The 8bc is a wonderful website where, as you might imagine, 8-Bit music is uploaded, downloaded, shared, and discussed. I haven’t looked at it in months, so I thought I’d throw up a post with the most popular tracks (that I also enjoyed). Starting off with Smiletron.

Luminata (Astro Mix) – Smiletron / Or from Mediafire
Vestige – Smiletron / Or from Mediafire

Next up some house-sounding shit. Excellent work by Electric Children. The second track is less house-y, but still awesome.

Feeling Teeth – Electric Children / Or from Mediafire
IAYD – When I Sleep RMX – Electric Children / Or from Mediafire

This next track, by FantomenK evokes the Eastern sound that their (for lack of a gender) avatar of a ninja suggests. Also. “Go Ninja! Go Ninja! Go!”

Audio Avenue – FantomenK / Or from Mediafire

This is more traditional dance music (in the 8-Bit tradition of course) and hectic and good as hell. Circles uploaded this track though I’m unclear if the track is theirs or Fighter X’s or just made for the Fighter X album…. Meh it’s good.

(FIGHTER X ) Disco Tripper – Circles / Or from Mediafire


One comment

  1. That last one sounds authentic (I think . . . there are places where it sounds like there’s an extra layer but I think I know how they’re doing it within actual 8-bit limitations) and is also crazy as hell. The rest I’m not sure what I think about. It’s just dance music seasoned with 8-bit sounds for I guess nostalgia. Which I suppose there’s nothing wrong with.

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