Stairway to Hip-Hop Heaven…or Maybe R&B

January 26, 2011

So I have a double post for ya here. I’m gonna post the tracks in the reverse order from which I spotted them, because that’s really the way they should be heard. First up is a slick remix of Led Zeppelin’s classic, “Stairway to Heaven”. I know, sacrilege! But this track is excellent. Just quality goodness. It becomes a jazzy little hip-hop beat, reminiscent of the Visioneers. Anyways take a listen to a masterpiece by Gramatik.

Stairway to Hip-Hop Heaven – Led Zeppelin Vs. Gramatik / Or from Mediafire

Next up is what I spotted first over at MashupTown. Fissunix took this sweet little beat and instead of throwing a rap on it like you might expect he puts some Marvin Gaye on and runs with it. I think it fits surprisingly well but don’t take my word for it, take a listen. Also, how fun is this? A mashup of a remix… Still looking for the metamashup (mashup of two mashups…).

Ain’t No Stairway High Enough to Hip Hop Heaven – Fissunix (Gramatic Remashed) / Or from Mediafire



  1. Thanks for that post ! Also “metamashup” is a great keeper for sure !

    • Hey no problem, awesome mashup. You should totally make the metamashup!

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