Silver on Black – Alexander Dove

January 25, 2011

So when my friends want to have fun, we sometimes get together and play instruments and sing. I know, acoustic music right? It’s great. We always make sure to sing some Stan Rogers and end with Wagon Wheel. Good stuff. Anyways, hanging out with such creative music types, I get to hear a lot of the song ideas floating around. Some of my friends put out entire albums. I wish had that kind of talent (I sing at these music parties). Anyways, I wanted some more good genres up here so I thought I’d introduce you to my friend Alexander Dove. Alexander’s been working on folk music, mostly based on Scottish/Irish and sailing ballads, for ages. But he also loves to play around with electronic synths and his Stylophone (which I keep forgetting the name of). And the combinations he gets into are quite fun.

The track that inspired me to make this post, “Silver on Black” is a brilliant 8-bit version of one of his more classically folk songs. “Come With Me” starts out with a quiet riff from a guitar which the song returns to throughout the song. The lyrics are rich and almost unbearably fantastical, but I think they fit the guitar part quite well. The version I’m posting is from his album Die Singing because it’s entirely vocals and guitar. On his album Obsession, he has a more produced version of it which I’m not sure I like better, but you should decide for yourself.

Come With Me – Alexander Dove / Or from Mediafire

So remember when I said he liked to play around with synths too? He decided to make an entirely 8-bit version of “Come With Me” which he calls “Silver on Black”. That dropped today, and here it is. I absolutely love it. It starts out fairly standard, but drops into some crazy Mario sounding stuff later. It’s not quite Anamanaguchi (no drums, not quite so hectic) but it is good! Check it out.

Silver on Black – Alexander Dove / Or from Mediafire


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