Robotic Pirate Monkey – Jungle Tales

January 25, 2011

Jungle Tales Vol. 1

Last night I was browsing the interblags, looking for something cool to listen to, and I suddenly came across Robotic Pirate Monkey‘s Jungle Tales Vol. 1. Upon doing a little more research, I found… almost nothing. The only thing I know about RPM is that it is made up of three guys named Matt Berryhill, Matt Flesher, and Andrew Hathaway, and they make remixes. Jungle Tales is a collection of dubstep-esque remixes, and the thing that impressed me most is how they managed to add so much to each track without removing the original feel of the song. And the range is impressive; the tape includes remixes of everything from Lily Allen to Aerosmith to Bob Marley. Three of the most interesting tracks, in my opinion, are the Sweet Emotion remix (originally by Aerosmith, of course), the Jukebox Hero remix (originally by  Foreigner), and the Sacrifice remix (originally by The Expendables). I urge you to check out the rest of the tape, especially if you like these three songs (or even if you don’t, the range is so extreme that you will probably find something you like). The Mr. Brown remix is another favorite. But they’re all good, and they get better the more I listen to them.

Sweet Emotion (Remix) [Ft. Aerosmith] – Robotic Pirate Monkey / Or from Mediafire

Jukebox Hero (Remix) [Ft. Foreigner] – Robotic Pirate Monkey / Or from Mediafire

Sacrifice (Remix) [Ft. The Expendables] – Robotic Pirate Monkey / Or from Mediafire



  1. man I am digging this. *downloading ep* Sweet Emotion was done really well. and I haven’t heard the Expendables (in any form) in ages. Really good

    • Yeah, I really like it too. Pretty much every track on the EP is done really well, and they all fit the original song extremely well. I’m looking forward to Vol 2, haha

      • ya me too, post it when it comes out, haha

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