Tonite’s Hero feat. Kat Dawson & Keith Masters – Futurecop!

January 24, 2011

I love it when Confusion of Pigeons and Planes puts out an open call for music and posts it all. It makes for an eclectic post, but with some awesome results. I hear stuff I would never hear before. This is the point where I encourage you all to send me any music you want posted here. Email it and some info to mashix*at*papermashmusic*dot*com. And I’ll listen to anything. It doesn’t have to be yours, it could just be a band you think is under appreciated. As long as the band has given permission to download, or has posted it online already, I’m comfortable posting it. So if you think some genre is being unrepresented here (Kevin read: metal?) send me something.

I listened to all the tracks that Confusion put up and I gotta say I am a little obsessed with this track. I can’t wait for Futurecop!‘s EP to drop March 29. The sci-fi retro dance influence on the rapping just makes me happy. I mean this guy is “feeling like Bruce with his cape on”! Awesome. Check out their SoundCloud, I’m certainly bookmarking it. Check out this track “Tonite’s Hero”. It’s awesome.

Tonite’s Hero feat. Kat Dawson & Keith Masters – Futurecop! / Or from Mediafire



  1. You know, I was actually looking for some other genres (like metal) to put up here last night, but I couldn’t find anything that was both good and free to share. Remixes are usually free to share, which is one of the reasons I post them so much…

    • right… yeah me too. it’s either, mashup, remix, rap, or indie. no metal…

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