January 24, 2011

Macklemore - The Unplanned MixtapeAnother up and coming artist that I have been listening to lately is Macklemore, a Seattle based hip hop artist who has made some really good stuff in the past. He’s been around since around 2005, but I started hearing about him in 2009, when he released his mixtape, amusingly named “The Unplanned Mixtape“. The tape is a really interesting blend of sometimes serious and sometimes quite silly lyrics, and consistently catchy beats. One of my personal favorite songs of his is “And We Danced,” an amusing song about nothing more than dancing. Macklemore uses a silly fake-british accent, and really just seems to have fun with this track. His obvious enjoyment of his work carries over to the listener, which is part of what makes this track so fun. I’ll stop blabbering now, and just post the track.

And We Danced – Macklemore / Or from Mediafire

Another great one off of The Unplanned Mixtape is “The Club,” a very funny story about how a trip to the club on a Friday night doesn’t seem to go quite as well for him as it does for other rappers. Have a listen.

The Club – Macklemore / Or from Mediafire



  1. lawl. wait so he has serious tracks? haha

    • He does, but I usually enjoy the funnier ones more. My other two favorites off his mixtape are American (which is extremely satirical and funny) and The Town, which is actually pretty depressing. Check out the mixtape though, it’s quite good.

      • cool I will

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