Chris Farach

January 23, 2011

Chris Farach was brought to my attention yesterday and I’m digging what I’m hearing. He has quite a range in the genre of his works. Thanks to Chris’s friend Joana for showing his music to me. I’m gonna let them tell you about him as they do it far better than I can.

Chris Farach is a 19 year old with a passion for songwriting & performing. Ever since he was a young boy he was drawn by the entertainment business. He started dancing Hip-Hop when he was 8 years old. By age 11, he was already competing in local, as well as World Championship Hip hop Competitions. That same year he auditioned for Vh1’s “In Search of the Partridge Family” making it to the final 5 as Danny Partridge. He picked up his first guitar at age 13. It became obvious and natural: he realized what he wanted to do. As a young boy, whenever he went to a music store he directed his attention straight to the drums. Having no idea what he was doing, he would slam on them until an employee would tell him to “leave”. Finally at 14 he got his first drum set… and the rest is history. At age 16 Chris started teaching himself how to play piano followed by lessons. The combination of guitar, drums, and piano is essential for Chris when writing his songs. Whether it’s laying down the beat, arranging the synth, guitar, or drums- The way he hears it in his mind is exactly how it’s translated on any type of song (Ballad, Dance, Rock, Pop, etc.). He writes only from personal experience and isn’t afraid to show emotions through his music. He is signed by ASCAP and created CF ROCKS PUBLISHING and is currently working on his Music BA.
‎”Patience is more of a blessing to me. All I have now is a dream, a guitar, and a heart. But eventually I’ll have reality, a symphony, and someone to share it with.” -Chris Farach
© 2011: All music & lyrics are registered under CF Rocks Publishing/ASCAP

The first track I’m posting and probably my favorite of the ones I’ve heard, “Need You Now,” takes the electronic end of Farach’s electropop work. It reminds me a bit of The Secret Handshake, a favorite of mine. He likes to sing along with the riffs in his choruses and I really like that in this track. I guess I’m a sucker for a good synth line, but I think this is quite good. Check him out.

Need You Now – Chris Farach / Or from Mediafire

The next track I’m posting shows the range that he has (a little more guitar and drums). “Gravitational” starts out with a guitar riff that evokes OMC’s “How Bizarre” but that’s where the similarity really ends. The chorus would make Motion City Soundtrack proud and the bridge drops the sound down and leaves a drum and a little sample of a count off. A good song.

Gravitational – Chris Farach / Or from Mediafire


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