Something In The Way (Biscope Dubstep Boot)

January 22, 2011

Argh! Thwarted! So I go to meet up with the group going to the rave and they’ve decided not to go because of a series of signs and bad mojo. I mean they did go to a party that almost got busted, then got kicked out of a friend’s house (that friend then stuck at home), and then they flipped a coin that told them not to go five times in a row. But hey, I wanted to rave! We hung out for a while, I made some new friends and they gave me a lightshow, that was fun. Still, not the rave I was thirsting for. Lesson learned? Plan better. So as I reflect on this I listen to my Dubstep & Friends playlist. Here’s a sample. I’m not sure I would peg this as a dubstep track, it’s a little trancy, but it’s damn good. Got this track at Pigeons and Planes awhile ago.

Something In The Way (Biscope Dubstep Boot) – Nirvana / Or from Mediafire


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