Moxie Black

January 22, 2011

Before Pigeons and Planes started posting these, the only Moxie I knew was Moxy Früvous. Not exactly the same same genre as Moxie Black… at all, but both excellent. Moxie Black is made of Dekk (producer) and iLLA (rapper/vocalist). I knew Dekk from a slick Drake remix but I hadn’t heard iLLA. Sick. Just awesome. I first heard Risky Bizness and fell in love with it. The sparse usage of the synths in the beat balanced with the vocals and drew attention to the harmony in the chorus. And the lyrics were amusing too. It was very addicting. When So Much Better leaked too it happened all over again. This time the beat used a simple but effective electric guitar riff and the chorus still had that excellent harmony, not to mention a very indie background of vocals and claps. I’m still addicted to these songs and the album is wonderful. Also in the “About” section of their website they tell you all about how they were forged in the fires of Mount Doom by Sauron. How can you not listen to that? You should really check these guys out. If they ever have a concert in the Cleveland area, I want to know about it.

Risky Bizness – Moxie Black / Or from Mediafire
So Much Better – Moxie Black / Or from Mediafire


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