Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere

January 19, 2011

I’ve been cruising the Interblags for most of the day and I haven’t really been impressed with the mashups of seen, so I thought I’d just throw up a bunch of old favorites. This first one is classic. NIN and Beatles? Of course. One of my friends told me he now bones to this, which amused me in abstract. I mean that’s what the mashup is pushing right? Anyways its brooding and driving and surprising hard to describe without innuendo. So listen for yourself.

Come Closer – Beatles vs. Nine Inch Nails / Or from Mediafire

And I’ll follow with another Beatles mashup because it started playing after that and I can’t not. Shaggy in my opinion, could always use a melody in his beats, or really anything vaguely resembling a melody, so combining “It Wasn’t Me” with Beatles is a good idea. Combining it with “Let It Be” is just a great idea, thought up by someone with a twisted mind. So good.

Let It Be Me – Beatles vs. Shaggy / Or from Mediafire

Next up isn’t really related except that it too is an old favorite. But damn is it good. Massive Attack’s “Teardrops” have been remixed over 9000 but this is my all time favorite. It’s a very subtle usage of “Under the Bridge” by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Since it’s just using the guitar riff from the song inserted in opportune patterns, this is really more of a remix than a mashup, but because the riff is so recognizable, I would call it a mashup. And yes. “Teardrops” is the House theme song.

Teardrops Under the Bridge – Massive Attack vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers / Or from Mediafire

I’m feeling the laidback vibe of that track so here’s another laidback oldie (old mashup not the genre). I’m pretty sure I used this one on the credits for a short I made for a high school class… Very chill reggae rock vibes, with a tinge of regret in the story and chorus. Enjoy.

Return Of The Coral – The Coral vs Mark Morrison + Various Samples / Or from Mediafire

Here’s another regretful chill mashup. With Daft Punk!

Face of Violence – Daft Punk vs Cassius / Or from Mediafire

But that’s a downer let’s pep up with an intro from Queen and a mashup of Jackson 5 and Oasis. Sound fun? I know, I know, “Wonderwall” is just Pachelbel’s Canon of course you can mash it up, no skill to it. And maybe you’re saying, “But Wonderwall is such a whiny would-be sad song!” To which I answer, “Ah but check it out, this mashup makes Wonderwall happy!” Yeah.

Jackson 5 vs Oasis – I Want Your Wonderwall / Or from Mediafire

And now I think this post has gone on long enough. I’ll finish with a happy song mashed with a no-nonsense return from being down in the dumps. [the “You’re” was there when I first got the song and I’m not sure if it was a mistake or a pun, so I never changed it]

I Will Move You’re Feet – Junior Senior vs Diana Ross vs Modjo / Or from Mediafire

Looking back at this post, these are all songs I got when I was just getting into mashups. Party Ben and Loo & Placido were the top back then. Goodblimey had (and still has!) an archive of a couple thousand mashups hosted for streaming and downloading. Thank you for corrupting my mind! Also. I think I may do more posts like this, just a ton of old favorites. Sound good?



  1. Wow, I’m surprised how well “Closer to God” and “Come together” go together!

    • That’s what makes it so great!

  2. Two fun facts: that NIN vs. Beatles mashup is probably my favorite ever. It’s also, if memory serves, the only mashup in human history that I told you about rather than vice versa.
    The thing is that most of these mashup artists are doing an inherently awesome thing by making awesome music out of, basically, crappy materials, breathing new life into mostly-bad music by combining it in new and fantastic ways. And that’s amazing. But this one still benefits enormously from just working with songs that are brilliant to start with. (the “Teardrops Under the Bridge” one has a similar advantage but not as extreme.)

    • NEVER MIND. Just listened to the Jackson 5 vs. Oasis one. New favorite? Maybe. It’s pretty great.

      • excellent! yeah that one always made me happy

    • haha that’s right! I forgot you gave me that one. Yeah man, that’s why I’m kind of mashup-obsessed

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