Dreams Up – Hoodie Allen

January 19, 2011

Hoodie Allen has released his first single (spotted it at Earmilk) for his new mixtape, “Leap Year”, coming out later this year. I’m digging the lyrical flow of this track but the beat leaves a little to be desired for me. He’s sampling a bit of Oh Land, “White Nights”. He slowed and stretched her voice a little bit, makes it sound almost masculine. I really like how it sounds, but that’s just the first 11 seconds. I would love this track a hundred times more if he brought that ten second sample back in his chorus/bridge. What he does is sing/chant a riff off of those lyrics instead (he uses the “these dreams under my pillow” at the beginning and it returns in his chorus “I could dream big I could dream fast / put them dreams under my pillow”). I feel like that would fit easily with the sample and give the song a breather and a sweetness that it’s missing. His most famous track and also my favorite of his (yes that loses me cred, haha) samples Marina and the Diamonds. In “You Are Not a Robot”, he speeds up Marina’s voice and returns to that sample and it makes the whole that much better. Well you tell me what you think. Here’s both.

Dreams Up – Hoodie Allen / Or from Mediafire


You Are Not A Robot – Hoodie Allen / Or from Mediafire


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