Colours (Captain Cuts Remix) – GROUPLOVE

January 14, 2011


Ok, so I really don’t know enough about this song to post it, but I’ve pretty much had it on repeat since I heard it earlier tonight (it made good music to distract from how frustrating Chicago rush hour is). What I do know is it’s super catchy and bouncy and fun (I’m a little tired right now can you tell?). I’m glad I keep an eye on Earmilk, because this is awesome. So I’m just throwing this up now to share with y’all. I’m gonna update this tomorrow and look up the original of the song, artist, remix artist, etc. to share. But for now, check it out, it’s catchy.

To download this track from the artist, click download on SoundCloud.

UPDATE: GROUPLOVE is made up of two New Yorker’s, a Londoner, and a pro-surfer and his friend from Los Angeles. They all met in Crete (Greece) and decided to make a band. They all moved to LA to make an album which drops on the 25th but if you can’t wait until then, you can stream it on their website. They have a very awesome indie rock vibe going for them and I’m totally digging their sound. Here’s the music video for the original song.

Captain Cuts was harder to track down. According to their twitter, they’re a trio of guys: Ryan Rabin, Ryan McMahon, and Ben Berger. According to Facebook, Ryan Rabin is the drummer and producer of GROUPLOVE, and Ben Berger is one of the managers of the group. Ryan Rabin is, of course, the son of Trevor Rabin, the accomplished vocalist, guitarist, and composer of the UK band Yes, and later an accomplished film composer. I came up rather blank on Ryan McMahon though. He could be Ryan McMahon of “Ryan McMahon and the Company Damn”, a indie rock composer and performer from Ladysmith and Vancouver. But who knows? No seriously, if you know, tell me. All in all this shows why this is such a great remix of this song. The remix artists are intimately acquainted with the song and find it that much easier to be true to its original flow and form.

UPDATE(2): When asked for comment on the identity of the elusive Ryan McMahon, CaptainCuts replied simply, “Ryan McMahon is a vigilante.” I can only assume that they are protecting his identity so that he can go on kicking ass, taking names, and remixing the hell out of some sick songs in relative anonymity.



  1. I’m seriously digging the remix, I think I like it better than the original song.

    • Yeah same. Of course I’m on a bit of remix tear right now too…=)

  2. Glad You enjoyed the post! I will keep an eye on your Blog…. Thanks for rolling with Earmilk.com !


    • Excellent, thanks man!

  3. I’ve had this on repeat, pretty much all day. I’ve played it 42 times since I got around to downloading it this morning. It’s pretty much amazing.

    • Right?! haha

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