White Panda Promo Video

January 12, 2011

New album coming out soon. You ready?

While we’re waiting for that awesome song and album, let’s look at some past favorites.

Off of Versus:

Hot N Cold Rain – Katy Perry vs Fat Joe / Or from Mediafire

Hypnotic Echo – Plies vs Akon vs Cyndi Lauper vs P Money / Or from Mediafire

Off of Rematch:

Overnight Panther –  Twista ft. Kanye West vs Crystal Castles / Or from Mediafire

Fireflies Goin’ Down – Young Joc vs Owl City / Or from Mediafire


What We Kick, Push – Lupe Fiasco vs Deniz Koyu / Or from Mediafire

Fire Dust – Lil Wayne vs DJ Fresh vs Flux Pavilion / Or from Mediafire

Remember when I said that the crown for the king of mashups was open to bidders? Well I think right now the White Panda has it. Now if they would just do a show in Oberlin… Or Cleveland even…



  1. The beat in Hot N Cold Rain is unbelievable. Love those snare snaps, ha.

    • Good ol Fat Joe ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiZwUJhEhVk )

      • Yeah, but it fits so much better in the mashup. I think so, anyway…

      • the mark of a good mashup

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