Volcanic – KSXi

January 12, 2011

So my man tusserte has been a little concerned about what I want on this site. No I don’t only want remixes and mashups. For the most part I post those because I don’t want to post songs that artists haven’t put up for free download already and remix artists and mashup artists are all about the free download. The genres that I’ve been sticking to tend to be of the electronic variety because that’s what I’m into right now.

Anyways I thought I’d post a song that wasn’t a mashup, though it edges towards remix since it is a sample heavy song. KSXi is some guy in Ukraine that put together about 8 songs before dropping off the face of the planet. I found this back in the day of GarageBand.com (yes that predates the apple program). Anyways iLike bought them and Myspace pretty much owns iLike nowadays. Throughout that the KSXi page hasn’t really changed. This is the kind of techno jam I enjoy. It reminds me a little of Netsky, who if you don’t know already you should check out. “Volcanic” has always been my favorite, what with the sampled voice that toes the line of being happycore without really crossing it.

Volcanic – KSXi / Or from Mediafire


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