Something About Us – T.Shirt

January 12, 2011

So T.Shirt is doing this cool thing where he asked his followers to send him a story, something that happened to you and he might turn it into a song (send any stories to yourstorymyvoice@gmail.com). So I sent him a story about the time I got arrested for playing poker on the roof of a school at 2am. Then I went to follow him on Twitter and he had a tweet “who’s gonna be my 777th follower? this is a big deal” and 776 followers. So I’m feeling pretty lucky right now. Here’s a song he made telling someone’s story. It’s pretty depressing but really really good. Very smooth beat and just really good poetry. It should speak to anyone who’s gone through heartbreak and a relationship that didn’t work. Also to anyone who’s selfmedicated with alcohol. Give it a listen and check out his Bandcamp.

Something About Us – T.Shirt / Or from Mediafire


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