New Soul (Remix)

January 12, 2011

I will always have a soft spot for Wale, partially because he comes from Washington DC, my hometown. But the fact is that he has come from putting out free mixtapes on the internet to doing country-wide tours, and that is the type of artist that I love paying attention to. And even though he released his first official studio album in 2009, he still regularly makes free mixtapes and distributes them to the internet. This earns him a lot of respect from me, because he is not trying to lock down his music so that he and his record label make a ton of money, but instead just making the music that he loves to make and sharing it with the world.

One of his more recent mixtapes, Back to the Feature (2009) included the song ‘New Soul (Remix)’ which really stuck with me. ‘New Soul’ is, of course, the song by Yael Naim which gained a certain amount of popularity after being used in the commercial for Apple’s Macbook Air. Wale used the song’s catchy melody to make an amazing beat, and then used it to his advantage by echoing the hook during the verse: “I’m a new soul… soul…” Wale’s verses are as solid as ever, and the whole package just seems to work perfectly. Have a listen, I doubt that you will be disappointed.

New Soul (Remix) – Wale / Or from Mediafire


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