Reckoner Lockdown (Kanye West vs. Radiohead)

January 11, 2011

Itte se il Mas‛up il Voh‛a approuvèo van la BIPCR.

When Kanye came first came out with “808s and Heartbreaks”, it was a real shock to the system. Kanye wasn’t rapping! It was very surreal, thankfully he’s gone back to rapping and I’m very grateful, not because I didn’t like 808s, but because I missed his rapping. But this album had a very different usage of AutoTune than everyone else. I like it. I don’t love it. But I like it. When this came out DJ Earworm was at the top of his game and saw the potential to mix “Love Lockdown” with Radiohead’s “Reckoner”. The mournful crooning of Kanye meshes (seemingly) effortlessly with Radiohead’s reflective, melancholy guitar riff. Kanye, as he loves to do, flew counter to the mainstream when he posted this mashup to his website. He loved it so much he thought others should hear it.

This was quite a boon to DJ Earworm in his rise to recognition. A year or so ago, I would have said DJ Earworm was the king of mahups, the crème de la crème. A double major in Music Theory and Computer Science, he was made for mashing. He made my absolute favorite mashup of all time. But when he started getting radio recognition for his top 25 song mashups, he slowed down the work he did on his site until now he posts maybe one mashup every three months, and those were usually commissioned works. I don’t want to say he’s sold out, cause hey, we all need some bread, but I will say that has ceded his crown to more active bidders.

Reckoner Lockdown (Kanye West vs. Radiohead) – DJ Earworm / Or from Mediafire



  1. I absolutely loved this mashup from the moment I first heard it about a year ago. Have you heard his 2010 mashup? I was a little disappointed…

    • Yeah. Not as good as his 2008 mashup, but that had a great unifying track (viva la vida).

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