Best I Ever Had (matamatics remix)

January 9, 2011

Here’s another remix I don’t know enough about. I heard this song roughly a year and a half ago, bumping out of my friends car speakers one night cruising around and thought it was the smoothest joint I’d ever heard. It was a softer, sweeter beat than the original Drake beat, yet it fit and was somehow that much more hood. One technique matamatics threw in this song that I couldn’t get over  was his slick pre-echoing. Throughout the song he previews what’s to come in until the rap catches up to it. His bridge uses little pieces of Drake’s chorus (in reverse order) and sounds completely new but fits perfectly. Check it out.

Best I Ever Had (matamatics remix) – Drake / Or from Mediafire

In writing these posts I look up the artists involved, so I can link back to them. Previously it has been like pulling teeth to find matamatics on the internet, even using string searches. But for some reason his tumblr was the first result this time (and according to the dates on some of these posts, it should have been around last time I really looked for him). Anyways he has some sweet mixes. Here’s one. Odds are I’ll update this post with more tracks I like as I find them.

Röyksopp vs. Lupe Fiasco – I Got Vision (matamatics mashup) / Or from Mediafire

UPDATE: Yup, found O.N.E. I quite like (sorry for that). Yeasayer is the tits, as my friend Mike on a Bike might say. So check it out

O.N.E. (matamatics Remix) – Yeasayer / Or from Mediafire


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