First Post and Elocnep

January 6, 2011

Well I’ve successfully navigated the trials and tribulations of setting up a domain name and host and architecture (thanks to dreamhost and wordpress). Now I have to learn how to use WordPress to its full potential. So the site will be changing a lot over then next month.

Spelled it right
To start off this music blog, I’m gonna draw attention to Elocnep. I first heard a mashup by Elocnep a year ago or so. The driving guitar synths and rap made for a very good fast paced song. Very little lyrical value to it but it’s a great pump up song. “This Broke n Roll Side” (Star Guitar vs. Kadalack Boys) was one of my go to songs for quite some time.

This Broke N Roll Side – Elocnep

Elocnep just released a new album of mashups (seen at MashUpTown) and its got some great stuff on it. The song I’m posting has the same driving pump-up feel to it that drew me in last time. Elocnep mashes The Count & Sinden – “MEGA” and Fatboy Slim – “Champion Sound” with a fun end result. While the track’s name “Mega Champion Sound” is less creative than it could be the track works very well. You can see the whole album here.

Mega Champion Sound – Elocnep


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