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Alone (Vague WaveEdit) – Trampled By Turtles

January 25, 2016

Trampled By Turtles

Trample By Turtles is a well respected folk group that many of my friends are very enthusiastic about. So when I saw a remix of their music I was doubly intrigued. Vague Wave‘s take on this song is lovely. They preserve a ton of the instrumentation from the original: banjo, fiddle, etc. These act as the intro to their amped up synths and the build to their drops. I was very impressed by how well the two styles meshed. Vague Wave uses a bit of bass to back the mandolin (Maybe mandolin? Could be a bouzouki or even a banjo, my ear for folk instruments is pretty basic) and adds claps to build, transitioning seamlessly from the original to an entirely new and electronic hook. The new hook features sped up and chopped vocals to simulate a synth as well as synths sounding more like the xylophone. It’s a gentle song that builds to a triumphant punch. Enjoy!

To download this track from the artist, click here.


If We Really Try [Video] – Ashley Sofia & J. Lye

July 23, 2013

We at PaperMash are staunch supporters of J. Lye. So it’s good news to hear that he’s released a new song. “If We Really Try” is a collaboration with folk artist Ashley Sofia. Opening with summer-y guitar riffs and sweet vocals from Ashley Sofia, this song builds into a sweet love song between J. Lye and Ashley Sofia. The lyrics are adorable and earnest. The music video expands upon the story and features some great smiles. The song is available for purchase on iTunes. Now we look forward to hearing J. Lye’s new mixtape, “Behind The Lyes” and Ashley Sofia’s as yet unnamed album. Enjoy!


Mercy – Tobacco Pat

November 19, 2012

Tobacco Pat released his latest album, “Clemintinum” last week and it’s really quite cool. Since I haven’t introduced Tobacco Pat on the site before, I thought I’d let you read the little blurb he likes to share.

Tobacco Pat is singer-songwriter Logan Farmer from Jacksonville, FL. His music has been described as Southern Gothic Folk, with veins of religious imagery and sonic experimentation.

I think the label of Southern Gothic Folk does a lot to cover the emotions that Tobacco Pat’s distinct sound evokes. In “Mercy”, he uses a dark sample (which sounds like looped vocals to me but it could be a synth line) in a very simple repetition to build a portentous background. The sound evokes a choir or an old organ but also a skipping record. Compounded with the evangelical opening sample, the song gets a down-South feeling that has nothing to do with Country and Western, and everything to do with noir and the darker, seedier side of life. Tobacco Pat’s vocals on this track perch gently upon the music and croon a request to “remember, remember this…” I find it hard to find a clear story in the lyrics of this song, but I think that Tobacco Pat enjoys evoking and suggesting as opposed to outright showing and telling. Themes of judgement, love, and, surprise, surprise, mercy, run through the song. Enjoy the song and be sure to listen to and download the new album.

Mercy – Tobacco Pat / Or from BandCamp

BONUS: And here’s one of my favorite tracks from Tobacco Pat’s previous album, “God Moves on the Water“. “Lawrence Weber” showcases the folkier side of Tobacco Pat. A simple backing drum leads into slow guitar strums and the story of the fictional hero. It’s beautiful and haunting. Be sure to check out this album too and enjoy.

Lawrence Weber – Tobacco Pat / Or from BandCamp


True Love Will Find You In The End – Crybaby

August 30, 2012

When browsing Pigeons and Planes, I always look for the posts entitled something like “10 Free Songs You Should Download” because they tend to be awesome. My favorite song of this particular ten, is Crybaby‘s cover of Daniel Johnston. This song has a light surf sound to its guitar that in combination with the simple vocal harmonies that Crybaby presents, evokes a Roy Orbison lilt. It’s lovely. A truly relaxing song on the comforting theme of the inevitability of love. Definitely a song to kick back to. Enjoy it.

True Love Will Find You In The End – Crybaby / Or from SoundCloud


Summer’s a Ghost [Video] – Laura and Will

August 6, 2012

Do you remember Laura and Will? They came out with the beautiful song “Pick Up My Heart” for free a year or so ago. Well they’re back with a short album for sale. It’s as beautiful as ever. “Summer’s a Ghost” is definitely my favorite of the new songs, hence the video. They also have a rebooted version of “Pick Up My Heart” with drums and electric guitar to back the acoustic offering. It’s quite good. The album is available on Amazon and iTunes. Check it out!


Death By Sister Five – Television Keeps Us Apart

April 9, 2012

I am very glad I stumbled upon Television Keeps Us Apart; now I get to share them with you all. Their sweet vocals and simple guitar really capture my interest and keep it. Their SoundCloud provides free downloads of all their songs, so you should feel free to download this for free, but they also offer their songs for 99 cents each on Amazon. So if after listening to this for awhile you decide you really like it, you should remember you can give them some money through Amazon. Enjoy a really well crafted song!

Death By Sister Five – Television Keeps Us Apart / Or from SoundCloud / Or from Amazon


Middle of Nowhere – Sarah Miles

March 13, 2012

Yesterday was rather focused on Bambooyah! So now for something completely different. I’ll let the bio that was sent to me do the talking.

Singer-songwriter, Sarah Miles is a young woman with a killer voice, catchy pop melodies, some fabulous high heels, and a hint of twang. As enamored with the sounds of Nashville as she is with the sounds of Brooklyn, Sarah’s songs are as youthful and lighthearted as her spirit…though her lyrics sometimes show a weightier, pensive side. Sarah has received awards and attracted attention everywhere her voice has carried her…but one expects as much from any talented, budding artist. What stands out is her devotion to finding a unique and honest voice…simply put, Sarah’s music is heartfelt and genuine. Tonight she will fall asleep with her headphones on…tomorrow she will wake up humming a new tune that needs to be heard.

I really enjoy this song. Sarah Miles has a gorgeous voice and I can’t wait to hear more from her. Enjoy!

Middle of Nowhere – Sarah Miles / Or from HulkShare


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