Surreal (Ft. Abby Sevcik) – Mielo

February 10, 2016


Mielo opens this track a simple piano chord and lets a sweet vocal sample set the stage, used more as a synth than singing. This intro effortlessly drops into gorgeous song, reverb filling the empty spaces around Abby Sevcik‘s voice. After a minute of quiet beauty, Mielo adds a more energetic hook, led by the vocal sampling and driven by a simple drum rhythm and synth chord combo. It’s a reflective song, and a beautiful one. Enjoy it.

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Meghan’s Theme – Adam Snow

February 8, 2016

Adam Snow

This song catches the heartstrings within the first few bars, fragile vocals pitched up to sound even smaller and more alone. The lyrics are dreamy and sweet. While the vocals stay ethereal, Adam Snow keeps the beat solid and grounded. He uses 808s, snaps, and claps in an older, more downtempo style than the typical trap song of today. I don’t think I’d even call this trap, except as a convenience. It’s a beautiful song to claim as a theme. While Adam Snow only released this in an album (downloadable here), the single was released by MrSuicideSheep to introduce the song to a larger audience. Enjoy it!

To download this track from MrSuicideSheep, click here.


This Summer (Dropwizz ‘Future Trap’ Remix) – Maroon 5

February 5, 2016


Future seems to the adjective most used these days in the genre business. While future bass seems to mean almost anything, future house is firmly established and has a distinct sound. Now Dropwizz seems to be pushing for the establishment of future trap. I’m not sure this is the best term to use because he doesn’t seem to draw from the same hollow bass synth sounds that future house uses, instead adding a beautiful chaos of sparkling treble synths that edge into 8-bit here and there. It certainly doesn’t sound retro and neither does it sound like your standard trap remix. In that sense, Dropwizz is pushing for new and exciting sounds and genre synergy, moving us into the future.

Don’t let this boring genre musing scare you away from the song, though! This remix has one of the most expressive hooks I’ve heard in awhile, taking time off from following a melody in order to evoke a wail of pain, following Adam Levine’s crooned, “this summer’s gonna hurt!” It’s a wonderful remix and truly enjoyable song.

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Lullabies (Myles.William Remix) – Yuna

February 3, 2016


Yuna’s “Lullabies” was one of those songs that swept the internet. Her mix of gorgeous soulful vocals and trip hop back beat caught the ear of many an aspiring producer (for bonus points compare the instrumental of her original track to the iconic “Teardrops” by Massive Attack). Adventure Club’s remix of it was probably the most successful version, likely more widely played than the original. Myles.William‘s remix was not on my radar until this year when I stumbled across it while looking for something moody. This remix certainly delivers moody. With a simple trap backing, piano, and vocal echoes, this song establishes itself firmly as a sorrowful song, but with a relentless forward momentum that demands not just floating in apathy, but being dragged along the currents. It’s beautiful and sad and well worth your attention.

To download from the artist, click here.


Magnetic (AObeats Remix) – Annabel Jones

February 1, 2016


Opening with a gently blurred loop of vocal “ah”s, AObeats‘s remix of “Magnetic” feels like an awakening, the sun cresting the horizon when Annabel Jones’s voice bursts free, alone in the light at the 53 second mark. When the remix bursts into the fore with the sparkle of chimes at the 1:19 mark, it feels like an even higher height has been reached, sun rising over the peak, illuminating the drop. This is a glorious track filled with beauty, hope, and incredible energy. I hope it resonates with you as well.

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perfecto. (ft. Daniela Andrade) – ayo. + disfnk

January 29, 2016

Daniela Andrade

Here’s a good one. It’s a short one but it’s too perfect not to share. Cousins ayo. and .disfnk collaborated to chop and screw this cover of Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie” by Daniela Andrade. The cover is a simple one; acoustic guitar and sweet soft vocals. The remix is another matter, featuring trap rhythms, downtempo, and layered synth lines. Added reverb and distance to the voice gives the song a dreamy feel while the acoustic guitar seems somehow fogged by time. When brought to the fore of the remix the guitar becomes an accent to the rhythm, a flare of attitude. It’s a complex song for all that it’s not even two minutes long. As my grandfather would have said, “It’s wonderful, what there was of it.”

To download this song from the artist, click here.


Make Me Fade – Vanic X K.Flay

January 27, 2016


Ok you had better know this song by now. I’m blogging it because it’s wonderful and free. If you haven’t heard this yet, consider it required listening. Vanic has been making waves with his production and K.Flay has been making a name for herself as a vocal talent, but I think I first heard of both of them with this collaboration last year. This track presents both in the best possible light. K.Flay’s distinctive alto takes turns flirting with rap, throatily talk-singing, before committing fully to more traditional crooning, reverb pushed way up. Beneath the vocals, Vanic’s instrumental is catchy, layering a trap drum rhythm with a simple piano hook and a simple whistling synth line. This unobtrusive yet rather catchy, instrumental breaks into the foreground and presents an impressive and distinctive hook with a sliding treble synth. A liberal use of reverb gives the hook a massive feel. I’m sure it will stay a favorite for quite some time.

To download this track from the artist, click here.


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